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Nestor Chylak Jr., AL Umpire

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April 7, 2000

This WWW site is a tribute to the late Nestor Chylak Jr. (1922-1982), a Ukrainian-American native of Olyphant, PA, who was an American League Umpire (1954-1978) inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, NY on Sunday July 25, 1999.
   Chylak became the eight umpire and the fifth Northeast Pennsylvania native inducted into baseball's hall joining Christy Mathewson, Bucky Harris, Hugh Jennings, and Ed Walsh.

Quotes by Nestor Chylak

   "They expect an umpire to be perfect on opening day and to improve as the season goes on."

   At the National Baseball Hall of Fame Umpire exhibit it says:
   "This must be the only job in America that everybody knows how to do better than the guy who's doing it."

Nestor Chylak

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Nestor Chylak's HOF plaque.  Click to enlarge.
Nestor Chylak Jr.

George Brett HOF plaque.
George Brett

Orlando Cepeda HOF plaque.
Orlando Cepeda

Nolan Ryan HOF plaque.
Nolan Ryan

Frank Selee HOF plaque.
Frank Selee

"Smokey" Joe Williams HOF plaque
"Smokey" Joe Williams

Robin Yount HOF plaque.
Robin Yount

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The Umpire

by Milton Bracker

Published: The New York Times (1962)

The umpire is a lonely man
Whose calls are known to every fan
Yet none will call him Dick or Dan
In all the season's games.

They'll never call him Al or Ed
Or Bill or Phil or Frank or Fred
Or Jim or Tim or Tom or Ted
They'll simply call him names.

The Umpire by Milton Bracker
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Chylak Chosen by Committee

   The veterans Committee selected Olyphant native Nestor Chylak Jr. for induction into the National Baseball Hall of Fame.
   The committee was down from 15 voting members to 12 due to the retirement of longtime executive Buzzie Bavasi and health problems of writer Leonard Kopett and Hall of Fame shortstop Pee Wee Reese.
   The committee can vote for up to 10 persons on the ballot, but three-fourths of the members must approve a nominee for induction.
   Chylak was selected as an umpire, but the committee also can select former major leaguers, Negro Leaguers, 19th century players and personnel, plus a composite of managers, umpires, executives and Negro Leaguers.
   The committee did not disclose the number of votes received by those elected.
   Dom DiMaggio, Joe Gordon, Mel Harder and Bill Mazeroski were among others who were considered but not inducted.

The Scranton Times
(March 3, 1999)

Full results of the BBWAA's Hall of Fame election: Click here for details.

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Feature Articles

Chylak Gets Call to Cooperstown
Umpire Elected To Hall of Fame
Inductee Was Well-Respected
by Mike Crist and Scott Reinardy
The Scranton Times - March 3, 1999

The Right Call
Nestor Chylak Jr. To Become Eight Umpire in Hall of Fame
by Borys Krawczeniuk
The Sunday Times - July 25, 1999

Brooks (Robinson) Says Nestor Was The Best
"Nestor Chylak was my favorite umpire . . ."
by Borys Krawczeniuk
The Sunday Times - July 25, 1999

A day in the sun
Olyphant native Nestor Chylak inducted into Hall of Fame
by Mike Crist
The Tribune - July 26, 1999

About 150 locals join Chylaks at induction ceremony
"It was great to hear his name mentioned . . ."
by Scott Reinardy
The Tribune - July 26, 1999

The man behind the mask
A look at Nestor Chylak's career.
The Tribune - July 26, 1999

Nestor was ump players wanted on field
"He was one of the best umpires in the American League ..."
by Mike Crist
The Tribune - July 26, 1999

Cheering an umpire
An imaginary conversation with the late Nestor Chylak.
by Scott Reinardy
The Tribune - July 26, 1999

The Ultimate Honor
Olyphant's Nestor Chylak Inducted into Baseball Hall of Fame
by Mike Crist
The Scranton Times - July 26, 1999

Induction Speech
Text of Hall of Fame Induction Speech given by Bob Chylak
The Scranton Times - July 26, 1999
Nestor The Man
Nestor The Ump

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Forum A Ukrainian Review - No. 100, Summer 1999

Northeast Pennsylvania
Baseball Hall of Fame Inductees

1936 1945 1946 1975 1999
Christy Mathewson' was inducted into the HOF in 1936 Hughie Jennings was inducted into the HOF in 1945
Ed Walsh was inducted into the HOF in 1946
Bucky Harris was inducted into the HOF in 1975
Nestor Chylak was inducted into the HOF in 1999
Mathewson Jennings Walsh Harris Chylak

Christy Mathewson Factoryville
Hugh Jennings Pittston
Ed Walsh Plains
Bucky Harris Port Jervis
Nestor Chylak Olyphant


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Nestor Chylak

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